Flying 408EV is a true joy. It's like having our own "magic carpet" that can climb fast, fly nimble and get us all around Texas at 100 knots.   If every pilot treats 408EV like it was their own, it will serve all of us for a long time.

Common Sense Thoughts on Care...

* HANGAR RASH: Clearance with doors and airplanes is subject to optical illusion when pulling it with the tow bar. Check each clearance as you move the airplane around.

* Avoid stepping on the seats,

* Keep beverages contained (water only).

* Preserve the Canopy: ONLY use Plexus (provided in the airplane). Use straight motions in the direction of airflow - NEVER in circular motion like a car wash! Leave dirty microfiber towels in the back to be recycled.

* Show passengers the SicSac before flight. If they use it, replace it.

* Use flaps in the white arc. Just think often - Check Flaps Up.

* Cruise at 5,000 RPM. This will result in just 3.5 GPH burn rate.

* Use the brakes sparingly - taxi slow and land slow - never brake hard over 25 kts.